Upcoming Events

Due to COVID-19, we will be postponing in-person events until it has been determined that hosting such events is safe. We will update this page regularly. 

Workshop: Product Labeling, Territorial Disputes, and International Trade After the ECJ’s Psagot  Ruling

Friday,  January 17, 2020, 9 AM -12 PM
Arlington, VA

The European Court of Justice recently ruled that Israeli products from the West Bank and Golan Heights must have origin labelling that declares their provenance as being from “settlements” in “occupied territory.” This workshop seeks to examine the labelling requirements from an international trade law perspective. Does international trade law require labelling of goods from occupied territories? If so, what other territories might such requirements apply to? What are the consequences of the EU limiting its “ethical” labelling requirements to Israeli-controlled territories?

More information for this event can be found here.

Conference: Settling Syria: International Law Perspectives on Population Transfers by Turkey and Iran

To be Announced.
Arlington, VA

Turkey’s recent incursion into northeastern Syria has seized international attention, but Ankara has occupied large swaths of Syrian territory since 2016. In this time, Turkey has resettled large numbers of people into areas it controls and in ways that significantly affect the ethnic demographics of the region. Operation “Peace Spring” promises to greatly expand such resettlement. The goal of this conference will be to examine these policies from the perspective of international law.

Questions that might be asked include the following: do measures taken by the Turkish government indicate an intent to make their presence indefinite? What limits does Art. 49(6) of the Fourth Geneva Convention place on resettlement programs? How will the international community regard the Turkish transferees in terms of settler status?